How to Rent Yachts in Dubai: A Beginner’s Guide

Surely, you’ve heard about Dubai and the charter yachts available in the Dubai Marina. These yachts in Dubai are ready for rental for any purpose. Be it a party or if you just to relax away from the city. Deciding to rent a yacht is the first step, but how does a beginner like you rent a yacht?

Renting a yacht in Dubai is simple, just as long as you know what you need and purpose. You can just even contact a yacht rental company, and they’ll lead you through the process. But if you want to be familiar with the process of the rental and booking, here’s how it usually goes:

1. Search for a yacht rental company.

Look for a company that has a lot of good reviews from its clients. You can ask recommendations from your friends in Dubai, too. Finding a good yacht rental company will be the most crucial choice you have to make as your yacht experience depends on them.

2. Gather information about renting a yacht.

Research on what to expect in yacht rental companies like the facilities they usually offer. After gathering enough information, ask the right questions to a potential yacht rental company. You can also check their website if they have one. If they permit, you can personally verify the yacht if it suits your needs.

3. Inform the yacht rental company about your plans.

When chartering a yacht in Dubai or any other place, you should always inform the company your plans for usage of the vessel. If they know your plans and purpose, they can offer the best yacht along with excellent facilities specifically for you. Inform them if you need some decors, or you want to try out some water sports.

Also, tell them about your planned time and date of your rental so they can check if the yacht is available by then.

4. Confirm your yacht rental booking.

It’s now time to close the deal if you’re satisfied with all the details of the charter yacht by confirming your booking. Usually, yacht rental companies require 50% downpayment to confirm your reservation. You can pay the other 50% on the expected day of rental. Once you’ve given them the downpayment, the booking is confirmed. The crew will prepare all your possible charter needs. They’ll make sure to cater all your special requests.

5. Enjoy!

Now, you have all the reason to enjoy your chartered yacht! Yacht rental companies work hard to satisfy your yacht experience while celebrating any event.

To help you get more acquainted with renting a yacht, here are some things to keep in mind before booking:

  • Check your destination.
  • Choose a yacht according to your needs.
  • Keep in the number of people you’re going to invite. Choose a yacht to cater the number of guests you’re inviting.
  • Check with the extra amenities like food and other services.
  • Check your budget

While in Dubai, never miss experiencing cruising on a yacht. It’ll be one of the highlights of your life. No matter what reason you have for renting a yacht, you can rent one! What are you waiting for? Celebrate the best days of your life or just relax in Dubai’s sea.

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